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Danas is one of the leading companies specializing in Solid mineral and Agricultural commodities export, and has consistently put our utmost efforts only to be a global company to export world best quality products to give confidence and service to customers and to create dynamic corporate culture since established in 2017.


We manufacture top-notch Gypsum products, as well as exporting premium brands of Gypsum powder using modern and environmentally-sensitive methods. Our company undertakes Research and development (R&D) activities to innovate and introduce new products and services to markets.


‘Innovation of relationship with the customer’ and ‘Attention to the customers needs’ are our basic practices to reach the goal. And with the inspiration of a customer – oriented – mind under your encouragement, our firm position as one of the global exporters would always be there to meet your needs. Your kind and warm advice and support will be a reinforcement of our development.


Key Services Offered :

  • Gypsum: We offer gypsum powder used in ceramic molds, sculptures, high-end buildings and gypsum intended for agricultural use.
  • Lead Pb: We stock and export lead ore, lead concentrate and recycled lead metals for production of lead batteries, foil and soundproofing material etc. We are committed to delivering top quality products to create satisfied clients.


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Gypsum Powder

We offer gypsum powder used in ceramic molds, sculptures, high-end buildings and gypsum intended for agricultural use.

Gypsum Plaster

This water-miscible super fine ceramic powder is used to manufacture decorative elements such as plaster boards, columns and coating.

Sisal Fiber

Our high strength fiber is available, used for gypsum wall’s reinforcement, ceiling, friezes, hanging decorations and agricultural twine.

Ceiling Tile

This is made of plaster reinforced with fiberglass. Ceiling tiles are typically made with mineral wool, gypsum, perlite, clay and metal.

Lead Pb

We stock and export lead ore, lead concentrate and recycled lead metals for production of lead batteries, foil and soundproofing material etc.

Cashew Nuts

We strive our best to win customers’ trust and satisfaction by ensuring a higher level of food safety, which is our company’s top priority.

Research And Development


We are innovating in additive manufacturing, or 3D printing using Computer Aided Design to enable us to design our custom made products.

Oil & Lubricants

We explore numerous synthetic oil-based and water-based engine oil raw materials as one of many fractions, or components of oil lubricant for high performance and market damand.

Mechanical Engg.

We provide freelance products/services. If your business deals with mechanical engineering and needs help, our team of Engineers can be hired for such services.


To develop and manage all aspects of building and highway maintenance in accordance with international standards; Rehabilitation, reconstruction, renovation, safety management, SOS management, weighing stations, trailer parks, toll management, etc.

Global Logistics

Having a business model that revolves around customer-centricity and transforming the supply chain & logistics Industry through innovation is essential to us.

Power & Energy

Providing solar energy solutions with highest quality components, especially solar modules, to deliver strict production standards.

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Question & Answer

Is gypsum powder the same as plaster of Paris?

The primary difference between gypsum and Plaster of Paris is that calcium sulphate dihydrate is found in the gypsum, whereas calcium sulphate hemihydrates are contained in the Plaster of Paris. In other words, Gypsum powder contains two molecules of water of crystallization per molecule, or per unit cell whose chemical name is calcium sulphate dihydrate. (CaSO4. 2H2O) while Plaster of Paris, contains one molecule of water of crystallization per two molecules, or per two unit cells. Which is calcium sulphate hemihydrates. (CaSO4) H2O

How will I deliver my goods?

Our competence and professionalism in the logistics and transport industry speak for us. We have experience on issues such as warehousing, customs, legal requirements and other more complex and specific arrangements. Having said that, we also explore the market to find how we can serve you better.

Are you open to partnership?

Yes, at Danas, we value partnerships and collaboration. We believe in business, it’s important to earn and preserve trust, and working together with business partners helps us to set new standards and create commercially productive relationships that never compromise on the quality of the outcome. Danas is looking for new business partners and suppliers in the field of research and manufacturing, solid mineral and agricultural commodities. Our target is to leverage capabilities, experience and resources from each other to better meet our customers’ needs.

What is the advantage of partnering with you?

Danas is an international company with its global representative. Cooperation with other companies, organizations and research centers is a fundamental part of our business strategy. Partnership with us will allow you to get the experience of opening and developing new markets, business directions and Global cooperation. You will also have a chance to take advantage of expert support from our teams. With our staff, your products if any and your ideas will be present at new emerging markets in different countries.

Our Products

Gypsum Powder

We offer high quality gypsum powder used for sculptures and gypsum intended for agricultural use directly from the factory.

Lead Pb

We stock and export Nigeria lead ore, lead concentrate and recycled lead metals for production of batteries and soundproofing


We provide limestones used for Adhesive material, Traffic paint and limestone intended for Agricultural use with competitive pricing

Cashew Nuts

In addition to our products, we also offer Cashew kernels of different grades and quality at factory price. Samples for WW180,

Gypsum Board

With our immense domain expertise, we provide the best quality Gypsum Board used for wall, ceiling, and partition systems in

Extra Fine Plaster

We have this water-miscible super fine ceramic powder, which is used in the manufacture of decorative elements such as