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Light Up Your World With Solar


Light Up Your World

Manufacturing and Generating Electricity through Solar System

There are several energy providers in the market, but Danas Energy is essential. We provide quality products, best in peak period and off peak period efficiency, quick service delivery, affordable price and free installation.Our objective is to generate electricity for commercial use in Nigeria and also providing solar installation services to all our customers at reasonable costs to increase the level of awareness on solar paneling system and solar energy among consumers.

We also produce customized products and services according to the needs of the consumers. The communities, residential or homeowners, and commercial consumers or organizations.

In terms of solar chips, Danas is partnering with the best manufacturers of the needed items.

This itemize Performance and specifications below can effectively backup:

12 AC, 5 Deep Freezers, 12 Fridge, 24 TVs, 10 fans, indoors, surrounding and security lights


* 60KVA/360V/30AMPS Pure Sine wave Power Inverter 


* 150KW battery-bank (12V x 210AH x 60pcs of Telecom Batteries)


* 18.5KW/45A charging Solar Power Bank (panels x 250W/24V/9A solar panels)

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