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Welcome to Danas Integrated Services Limited

We provides successful services to enterprise customers by adopting best practices that help identify customer needs, create realistic project plans, and develop on-time, on-budget implementation strategies. 

Danas IntServ offer a wide range of business services and products from the biggest brands at the best prices, of exceptional quality and controlled.                                                                              

We Manufacture and Export Natural Resources Commodities.

Danas IntServ is a trade chain industry, it operated  business aiming to promote greater access to world markets for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and provide opportunities for SMEs to expand their capabilities and reach beyond their own borders.

The company's commitment is to provide a place for everyone in the global trade industry to connect and share.

Whether you are an exporter looking to expand your market, a service provider looking for new customers or an importer looking for reliable suppliers, Danas IntServ offers unparalleled opportunities for everyone in the global trade, helping the community to market cost-effectively on a global scale etc.

What We Do

Mining Lead pb Processing and Exporting

Cashew Nuts Processing and Exporting

Trade Forex and Foreign Exchange

Manufacturing and Generating Electricity through Solar System

Mining and Processing of Plaster of Paris (POP/Molding Plaster)

Importation and distribution of Cotton/Lining Fabric

Nigeria Office
61 Danfodio Road Aba, Abia State, Nigeria.
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Morocco Office

39, Av Lalla El Yacout 5eme Etage Appt D Casablanca 20000 Morocco.
+212 637 123 153 

Email Address
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